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Saturday, December 28, 2019

How music inspires you?

Music has the power to put us all in a good mood and make us want to dance. Music has a strange power that lifts up the human body and make it move with the beats. From the rhythmic drumming of tribal dance music to the trumpet sounds of American brass band, music has a truly undeniable inspirational power. Music makes us feel, imagine and live the moment fully. That's why we include music in our lives. 

How music inspires you?

According to some study, if you are sad and you are listening to sad music, it won't make it worse. Instead, it makes a connection between your feelings and the music. It gives a feeling of comfort. It gives you a sense that you are not alone. Music correlates with your emotions. When you are happy and you are listening to sad music, this does not make you feeling down. In the same manner, listening to happy music even when you are sad will not be appealing. 

Lyrics, containing powerful and heart touching words is the strength of some music forms. A great formation of lyrics can inspire emotions within the listener. The powerful lyrics can be about love, loss, or hardships of life and there is always one person who can connect to what the sons is saying and inspires through it. Most artists have a desire to engage their audience at an emotional level. 

New styles of musics or bands expands your experience and concept of the world. Any music style can take you to an extremely different mental space. Even if you re at your workplace or at home, you can imagine a different place and time through the music. 

Spiritual or religious music can also put us to a different spiritual side of our mind. These kind of music uplifts people, make them motivated and get them closer tot he truths of the life. Spiritual songs can help you to inspire you to want to change the way you are living and move forward to relax and meditate.

Music has the strong ability to bind people together. It brings friends and communities together to unite them and enjoying the sound. This is the inspiration to bring a change in the society and connecting people together. 

Different kinds of music can tell different things about people and their behaviour. 

  •  People who love "blues" are creative, gentle and have high self-esteem.

  •  People who like "classical" music are tend to be introvert. 

  •  People who are "Indie" fans have low self-esteem and are not hard working.

Music has the power to bring out inspiration for your day. The simple way is to listen to the music you love. Music helps you to get through hard times and good times. 

Music has a different look for different people. Individuals listen to music when they are happy or sad, or when they need some motivation and calmness. While, for musicians, it's a matter of chords, strings, notes, scales and rhythm. 


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