How to save water? - Quick Guide


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Thursday, December 26, 2019

How to save water?

Earth is the only planet where life exist only due to the presence of water. One can live without food but cannot live without water. 
How to save water?

We need clean water in all our daily activities from bathing, washing clothes, watering plants to cooking and drinking. 
We need clean water for the wellness of our future generations. But there is a a very less percentage of clean water has left on the Earth. People are facing scarcity and lack of water at many places in the world. 

India is one of the countries where people are facing huge water scarcity. At rural places, women have to cover long distances just to get a pot of water. In urban cities, people have to buy bottles of drinking mineral water for Rs. 25- Rs. 30. During summers, people face more problems as the demand of water increases. 


If water is not managed properly, our future generations are going to face more and more problems. We must start saving water now in order to conserve it for future. Here are some tips by which you can save water at your home.

1. Take short showers 
2. Check for leaks in bathrooms and toilets
3. Turn off water while brushing your teeth
4. Turn off water while shaving
5. Don't use RO water purifiers
6. Reuse the RO waste water
7. Defrost Frozen food
8. Clean fruits and vegetables in pan
9. Don't run empty washing machines
10. Use buckets for washing cars
11. Don't wash lawns with pipe
12. Don't water gardens unnecessarily
13. Water plants with watering cans
14. Try to reuse rain water
15. Take showers for short durations
16. Fix your leaks in pipes and faucets
17. Use dishwashers and clothes washers only in full load
18. Do not let the faucet run while washing vegetables
19. Rinse your razor in the sink
20. Keep a bottle of drinking water in fridge
21. Avoid flushing the toilets too many times
22. Harvest the rain water 
23. Avoid running sprinklers when raining
24. Install water meter
25. Close the tab while you are rinsing dishes

If we reduce the amount of water we use daily for various activities, we can really save water for future generations. Various tips for saving water are as follows:

• Install rainwater harvesting systems on the roof tops of your houses so that it can recharge groundwater.

• Aware people about saving water techniques in your locality, area, schools or society.

• Educate children about saving water at an early age.

• In agricultural areas, using centre pivot and lateral moving sprinklers for crop irrigation. 

• Crops requiring less irrigation should be promoted as 70% of world's freshwater is used in irrigation.

If you have installed a water metre, saving water will also save money for you. Cleaning water utilise high high energy, so saving water will reduce the use of energy. 

Water is very important for different forms of life on earth like plants animals and birds. It is the most essential resources we have received from our mother earth. The quantity of clean drinking water is decreasing day by day. It is our duty to save this precious resource for our future. 


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