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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Why tobacco should be banned?

Tobacco is the most destructive thing in the history of human civilization. Many countries are making efforts in the way of reducing the consumption of tobacco throughout the world. Increasing taxation, bans on advertising, and creating more and more smoke free areas are some of the steps taken in respect of making a tobacco free world. But the most concerned option, to ban the sale and production of tobacco and cigarettes, needs more attention. 

Why tobacco should be banned?

In India, the number of adults and adolescent males who consume tobacco is increasing rapidly. Hence the rate of diseases like oral cancer is also increasing day by day. 

Only banning the sale of tobacco will not be sufficient, it is necessary to aware people about the ill-effects of tobacco. Most of the users are unaware of any hazard and consuming tobacco for their fun. They should get aware about the hazards of chewing and smoking tobacco not only to them but to their family, society as well as future generations. Inhaling second hand smoke also damage health as well as disgust non smokers.


Tobacco is the major cause of death by spreading non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancers. 


Tobacco is associated with cancer of respiratory tract, lung, upper gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, kidney, urinary bladder, oral cavity, nasal cavity, cervix etc. 


Tobacco leads to stroke, a vascular disease of brain, which leads to loss on consciousness and paralysis. 

Tobacco leads to death of heart muscles by affecting coronary vessels of heart which in turn cause cardiac arrest. 

Smoking and tobacco can also cause high cholesterol and blood pressure to increase the risk of coronary heart disease. 


Tobacco cause many respiratory diseases like- asthma, tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 


1. Miscarriage / abortion 
2. Bleeding during pregnancy 
3. Abnormalities of placenta 
4. Premature delivery 
5. Ectopic pregnancy 

Maternal use of tobacco during pregnancy, can cause many problems to the new born child. 
1. Allergy risks 
2. High blood pressure 
3. Poorer lung function 
4. Obesity 
5. Asthma
6. Atrial-septal defects


Many forests are burnt for the cultivation of tobacco. Manufacturing,  packaging, and transportation of tobacco also causes environmental pollution.

Everyone knows the bad effects of tobacco, yet it is legally sold in every country in the world and making high profits. However, government has increased taxes on tobacco which is beneficial for the society leading to fewer smokers, high government revenues and a healthier environment. 

Almost half a million of Americans die prematurely per year only due to the consumption of tobacco. Lung cancer, high blood pressure (leading to diabetes, heart attack and stroke) and mouth and throat cancers. It also causes premature ageing and wrinkling of skin of hands and face. Fingers get yellowed and teeth get discolored. They usually have burn marks on their clothes and furniture. 

There is no specific level at which tobacco smoke is safe. Government enjoys revenues from tobacco and are willing to continue to allow diseases and deaths from tobacco smoking. Tobacco has no benefits, yet it can't be outlawed. 


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