Mindfulness and Exercise - Quick Guide


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Friday, February 14, 2020

Mindfulness and Exercise

Mindfulness and Exercise

Mindfulness basically means that your mind is fully present in the current moment and you are aware of what's happening, where you are and what you're doing. It is the basic human ability that every human being already possesses.

Mindfulness and Exercise

Mindfulness and exercise go hand in hand. It means performing physical exercises while focusing attention on your breath and body movements. The main aim of mindful exercise is to let go of all the distractions.

Being mindful while performing the exercises can bound you to do it more effectively. It can relieve stress and make you feel good. It can significantly increase the effectiveness of workout, decrease the chances of injury, and develops a healthy relationship with your body. By removing all the distractions and focusing all your attention to your breath and body movements while exercising, you are going to improve efficiency pf your workout.


1. Always have a purpose for working out. The purpose may be strengthening muscles, losing weight, burn certain number of calories, etc. If you have a purpose or goal, you will have something to focus for which you have to work out.

2. During exercise,, if you start distracting by other things that you should be doing instead, always remember the reason why you have to work out and why you have made it a priority to over other things. It is definitely going to help you to focus and concentrate on your exercise.

3. Go slow while you are exercising. Take proper time for doing each activity. Focus on the upward and downward movement of your body. Feel the contraction and relaxation of your muscles. Think about your posture and overall body structure. You will get the best and most effective results from your regular workout.

4. Breathing is the most effective and easiest way of concentrating and let go of stress. It helps you bringing in the current situation. If you feel distracted while exercising or just watching clock waiting for the time to get over, close your eyes and take a deep breath to come back in the moment.


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