Type and Symptoms of Anxiety - Quick Guide


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Friday, February 14, 2020

Type and Symptoms of Anxiety

Type and Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is the response to stressful events of life. It is a very normal part of life. But having frequent anxiety disorders can lead to sudden panic attacks. Theses anxiety disorders are difficult to control and can last long time.

Type and Symptoms of Anxiety


There are several types of anxiety disorders:

1. PANIC DISORDER- In this type of disorder, you may feel shortness of breath, chest pain and sudden feeling of intense anxiety and fear that reach a peak within minutes.

2. AGORAPHOBIA- In this type of anxiety disorder, you often avoid places that cause you to panic and make you feel embarrassed.

3. GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDERS- It includes excessive worry and anxiety about daily and routine activities. It may occur along with depression.

4. SELECTIVE MUTISM- In this type pf anxiety disorder, children fail consistently to speak in specific places like- school, even when they are able to speak at home or in front of some close family members.

5. SPECIFIC PHOBIAS- It is a kind of major anxiety when you avoid a certain object or situation. In some people, phobias can cause panic attacks.

6. SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER- It involves high fear and avoidance of socializing due to self- consciousness and embarrassment about being judged by other people.

7. SUBSTANCE INDUCED ANXIETY DISORDERS- It is the result of misusing drugs or taking medications and cause intense anxiety and panic.

8. OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (OCD)- It is the occurance of unwanted thoughts and worries which cause anxiety. People try to relieve their anxiety by performing certain behaviours.


Common signs and symptpoms of anxiety disoorders include:

1. Feeling restlessness
2. High breathing or hyperventilation
3. Feeling nervous
4. Having sense of danger
5. Increased heart rate
6. Unnecessary Sweating
7. Feeling panic or doom
8. Trembling or muscle twitching
9. Feeling weak or tired
10. Unable to concentrate
11. Having trouble in sleeping
12. Experiencing digestive or gastrointestinal problems
13. Avoiding things that cause anxiety
14. Being tensed
15. Isomnia
16. Obsession about certain things
17. Nausea
18. Dry mouth
19. Dizziness
20. Not staying calm and still
21. Palpitations
22. Fear of dying
23. Feeling faint
24. Feeling choked
25. Fear of losing control

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