The Yogic Diet - Benefits - Quick Guide


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Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Yogic Diet - Benefits

The Yogic Diet - Benefits

Diet is an integral part of yoga. A Yogic diet has a huge influence on our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual well being.

Yogic Diet - Benefits

To start a yogic diet, you must start eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Raw vegetables should be preferred as cooking may destroy vitamins from them. Your diet must include whole-grain products that contain fiber that is very useful for your metabolism. Drink a lot of water and keep your body and hydrated. Diet should include only vegetarian food excluding onion and garlic.

When it comes to yogic diet, there is a lot of choices- what to eat, what not to eat, to eat meat, or not eat meat, to eat vegan, etc. In order to have a yogic diet, one should follow some simple rules.

1. Should be Sattvic

Sattvic food is the purest diet that nourishes the body and calms and purifies the mind.

Sattvic food includes-

• Wholemeal Bread
• Milk
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Butter and cheese
• Fresh fruit juices
• Legumes
• Nuts
• Sprouted seeds
• Honey

2. Should be Vegetarian

Meat is the high source of cholesterol which leads to heart diseases. Also protein present in animals is the worst kind of protein. It contains a high amount of uric acid and other toxins.

Vegetarian food like nuts, dairy products, leafy greens, and legumes contain high quality of protein which does not pollute the body. It can be utilized quickly and efficiently.

3. Should contain fresh foods

Frozen, packed, and leftover food should be avoided. Always prefer freshly prepared food.

4. Should be free of chemicals

One should avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners as they are not healthy for body and mind. Always choose organic food.

5. Should take time to fast

Yogis should have fast one day each week and do not allow anything to enter in their body except water and fruit juices.

6. Should practice Ahimsa

Ahimsa, one of the Yamas of yoga, means non-harming or non-violence. The yogic diet should not harm the environment and any other individual in any way. Killing animals and eating them is violence and hence not included in the yogic diet. Also other small things, like- use of plastic, leads to environmental pollution and a yogi should consider them too.


A yogic diet benefits our body, mind, and soul in many ways.

1. Cleanse the body

Starting the day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice cleanse our body and helps to get rid of harmful toxins from the body. Through the continuous detoxification, organs function well and keep our body healthy.

2. Mental Fitness

A yogic diet keeps our body as well as mentally fit and balanced which leads to a long healthy life.

3. Weight Loss

Having a proper yogic diet is one of the best ways of losing body fat. It helps in weight loss as well as strengthens the immunity power of the body.

4. Disease Free

Doing regular yoga asanas and having a healthy meal will keep you away from many diseases like- blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

5. Healthy Digestive System

Green leafy vegetables, fruits, and sprouts included in the yogic diet and excluding onion, garlic, meat, and fish are easy to digest and result in clear skin.


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